When there is no one to talk to... my heart's thoughts be plastered here.
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A person can only deal with so much. You can only put so much weight on one person’s shoulders. I just need a break, to get away, or a change. I’m tired of being dependable. -__-

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Do not let them hold you against their body if you know they do not cherish every second they are in contact with your skin. I know it feels as if you are breaking your own spine, but tear yourself away from them. Know that the something beautiful you had was already fading. Know that in the end you did the only thing you could. Sometimes people grow apart. Even trees do it. By Read: How To Stop Loving Someone Who Does Not Love You. (via thelovewhisperer)


It’s hard , ya know. Trying not to miss you. It probably makes it even worse, avoiding something that is constantly happening. I know I just need to face it head on. Eventually, the act of missing you will start to fade. However, for now it hurts. I miss you with all that my heart can endure. But really who am I kidding, you didn’t care enough to respond, what makes me think you care that I miss you. I can only deal with this the best that I can. It’ll fade eventually, one day.